EarthResourceML is an XML-based data transfer standard for the exchange of digital information for mineral occurrences, mines and mining activity. The model describes the geological features of mineral occurrences, their commodities, mineral resources and reserves. It is also able to describe mines and mining activities, and the production of concentrates, refined products, and waste materials.

EarthResourceML - version 2.0

The current version of EarthResourceML is version 2.0, released in October 2013. EarthResourceML v2.0 uses ISO and OGC data standards, including GML v3.2, SWE Common v2, and GeoSciML v3.2

EarthResourceML-Lite - version 2.0

EarthResourceML-Lite is a model and schema for simple map services (eg, WMS and WFS Simple Features). It is a abridged version of the full EarthResourceML modeland can be used to deliver simplified views on mineral occurrences and their commodities, mines, mining activities and mine waste products.

Previous versions